October 2003

Signalment Species

Species Canine
Breed German Shepherd
Sex M/C
Age Age 9 yrs

Presenting Complaint

  • Approximately 2 weeks prior to presentation, developed an acute non-weight bearing lameness in the right front leg.

Physical Examination

  • Grade IV/V right front lameness with pain elicited in axillary region.


  • CBC/Chemistry – within normal limits
  • Right humeral radiographs – mild degenerative joint disease of right shoulder and moderate degenerative joint disease of right elbow
  • Thoracic radiographs – What are your radiographic findings and impressions?

Ventrodorsal View
Figure 1: Ventrodorsal View

Left Lateral View
Figure 2: Left Lateral View

Right Lateral View
Figure 3: Right Lateral View


Case Follow-Up