Radiographic Impressions:

  • Figures 1, 1A, 2 & 2A: There is moderate gas distention of the stomach. There is segmental distention of the intestinal bowel loops within the central abdomen. Some of these loops are folding upon themselves in the right central abdomen. Bowel loops contain a mixture of gas and mottled soft tissue and mineral to metal opaque granular material. Some of this soft tissue material is adhered to the mucosal surface of the bowel wall. There are also small intestinal bowel loops in the central abdomen that are normal in size and contain a mixture of gas and soft tissue contents. Colon cannot be identified.

Additional Imaging:

  • Double contrast colonogram findings: Right/left lateral and ventrodorsal views were obtained after per rectal administration of 180 mL of room air and a total of 60 mL of barium suspension diluted 1:2 with water given via a red rubber catheter. There is incomplete filling of the colon by contrast media with the head of the contrast column seen at the junction of the transverse and descending colon in the ventrodorsal view. The descending colon is adequately visualized and has an undulant course with a smooth mucosal margin. Normal longitudinal folds are seen. In the left lateral view, there is a segment of intestinal enlargement that contains a tubular region of mixed soft tissue and granular material outlined by gas. This is located in the mid-dorsal abdomen. The right lateral view, shows a segment of small bowel in the caudoventral abdomen that is distended with gas superimposed and ventral to the barium filled descending colon.


  • Small intestinal distention with rule-outs including mechanical ileus secondary to foreign body obstruction, functional ileus due to enteritis or neurogenic causes such as dysautonomia.

  • Dog was taken to surgery and no foreign body was found. Dog was diagnosed with dysautonomia.