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Veterinary Health Center

Equine Surgery

beard ct scan

The Equine Surgery Service evaluates horses with lameness, bone and joint disorders, colic, wounds, and airway disease. Our team of equine surgery clinicians, residents, veterinary nurses, and veterinary students utilize advanced imaging techniques including:

What to expect during an exam

What does a lameness evaluation for your horse look like? Watch a few short videos on what to expect during your horse's exam. Click here

Equine Surgeons

The Equine Surgeons in the Veterinary Health Center have completed four years of advanced training beyond veterinary school and are board certified diplomates of the American College of Veterinary Surgery. Surgeons Dr. Warren Beard, Dr. Dylan Lutter, and Dr. Elizabeth Santschi provide services in the Equine Performance Testing Center. 

To schedule an appointment with our service please call the large animal desk at 785-532-5700.


Dr. Warren Beard

Dr. Warren Beard

Dr. Beard specializes in surgery of the upper airway and head of performance horses, colic surgery and urogenital disorders.

 Dr. Dylan Lutter

Dr. Dylan Lutter

Dr. Lutter has clinical interests in difficult lameness cases, sports medicine, MRI of the equine distal limb, equine physical therapy, wound management, equine surgery and emergency practice, treatment of surgical site infections, laparoscopic surgery, and orthopedic surgery.

Dr. Liz Santschi

Dr. Elizabeth Santschi

Dr. Santschi’s primary interest is in orthopedic diseases of juvenile horses. This includes disorders such as osteochondrosis and subchondral bone cysts, septic arthritis, and angular and flexural limb deformities. Other areas of interest include performance horse injury and fracture repair. 

Equine Performance Testing Center 

Equine Performance Testing Center

Our Equine Performance Testing Center features a climate-controlled treatment and farrier areas with in-house imaging and a consultation room that overlooks our fully enclosed performance evaluation area.


Working in teams

 equine ct scan equine CT scan
Equine surgery services works with an expert team of anesthesiologists and radiologists among many others to help diagnose and determine the best course of treatment for your horse.  


Extracorporeal shockwave therapy