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Dental work in horses:

Routine dental care is essential for high quality horse care. A horse's mouth should be examined at least once each year (during vaccinations) to identify problems or potential problems. The problems can range from resisting bits to losing feed and thus weight. 

Horses' teeth are very dynamic, Like humans, horses have two sets of teeth: 

  • deciduous teeth (baby teeth) until five years of age
  • permanent teeth (adult teeth) 

The only way their teeth started a certain length is by the wear of chewing and grinding their teeth together when they eat. 

Some common problems seen with horses include sharp points possibly causing lacerations or ulcers in the mouth, retained deciduous teeth, hooks/ramps, loose teeth, fractured teeth, misalignment, wolf teeth (causing problems while riding), and gum disease. All of these problems can change your horse's behavior and/or eating patterns. Over time, dental problems could cause weight loss, choke and colic. 

At the Kansas State University Veterinary Health Center, we can thoroughly examine the mouth and use a poweefloat for occlusal equilibration in the clinic stocks. Your horse will thank you, and your feed will be better utilized. 

To schedule an appointment, please call 785-532-5700.