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Equine Anatomy - Metacarpus/Metatarsus

Radiograph of the Lateral view

Lateral view

Radiograph of the Dorsopalmar(plantar) view

Dorsopalmar(plantar) view

Radiograph of the Dorsomedial to palmar(plantar)olateral oblique (DMPL -O)

Dorsomedial to palmar(plantar)olateral oblique (DMPL -O)

Radiograph of the Dorsolateral to palmar(plantar)omedial oblique (DLPM -O)

Dorsolateral to palmar(plantar)omedial oblique (DLPM -O)

A - Second metacarpus/metatarsus

B - Fourth metacarpus/ metatarsus

C - Third metacarpus/ metatarsus

D - Medial proximal sesamoid bone

E - Lateral proximal sesamoid bone

1 - Nutrient foramen

2 - Metacarpo(tarso) phalangeal joint