Gastrointestinal hyperpermeability in dogs with myxomatous mitral valve disease

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Study Purpose: This study aims to evaluate blood markers of gastrointestinal (GI) permeability and inflammation in dogs with a type of heart disease known as, myxomatous mitral valve disease (MVD). Prior to entry in this study, your dog must have a diagnosis of MVD based on echocardiogram performed at Kansas State VHC and screening blood work documenting an absence of other diseases.

If your dog takes part in the study, he/she will have an echocardiogram performed through the Kansas State Cardiology Service to obtain a diagnosis of MVD, define disease severity, and recommend appropriate treatments. He/she will have blood drawn for measurement of red and white blood cell counts (CBC), serum biochemistry panel (electrolytes and organ function) for inclusion, and urine concentration measured (if needed). Specialized testing will also be performed on blood samples to screen for GI permeability (lipopolysaccharide, serum amino acids) and inflammation (IL-6, cardiac troponin).

Brief Study Description: As a participant in this study, blood will be drawn using either a needle and syringe or butterfly catheter from a jugular or peripheral vein as deemed appropriate, and the samples submitted for testing. Urine will be collected via free catch. A fresh fecal sample will be collected during natural defecation. The procedures will be performed using standard protocol.

This study does not impact treatment. Please speak with your dog’s attending veterinarian regarding any additional tests/treatment for his/her heart disease.

Study Eligibility:

Inclusion criteria: Diagnosis of MVD by echocardiogram on the day of enrollment

Exclusion criteria: Raw food diets, historically documented chronic diseases/abnormalities on CBC/biochemistry panel, medications or supplements aside from routine preventatives, sedation required for echocardiogram

Client Compensation: No direct compensation is provided. Qualifying dogs will receive a $100 credit toward the cost of the echocardiogram. Specialized GI permeability tests and inflammatory screening (lipopolysaccharide, serum amino acids, IL-6, cardiac troponin) are covered by the study. Please note: These tests are performed at study completion and will not be immediately available.

Owner Responsibilities: You will fill out a questionnaire regarding your dog’s clinical signs, diet, and supplement history. No follow-up is required.

Contact Information: Please contact the Clinical Trials Coordinator at the Veterinary Health Center, for more information about this study.

Phone: (785)-532-3046;